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Saturday, June 28, 2014

InstaSearch - Eclipse Plugin

InstaSearch is one of my favorite eclipse plugins. Although eclipse provides a search engine, most of the times we want to find some text in some text files which will take hell lot of time in eclipse if you have many projects loaded in your workspace. 
InstaSearch is one of the coolest light - weight eclipse plugin that based on Apache Lucene search engine. 

Features : 
  • Instantly shows search results
  • Shows suggestions using auto-completion and preview using relevant lines
  • Opens and highlights matches in files
  • Searches jar source attachments

  • Install this plugin and click on InstaSearch menu item from Search toolbar menu. 
  • Start typing your word to search.(viz preview below)

Drawbacks : 

  • It doesn't support regex pattern(By the time I write this). 

To install eclipse plugins :
Project home : InstaSearch

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