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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spket - Eclipse Plugin

Spket is an eclipse plugin for javascript libraries like Extjs 3.x,4.x, Angular JS...etc. If you are working in one of these frameworks using eclipse, then spket is a must have plugin for your eclipse.


  • Code Completion (intellisense)
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Javascript validation (For example missing commas, unequal brackets etc)
  • Download spket eclipse plugin and install it in your eclipse. 
  • Once you install this plugin, you need to create a profile and configure extjs builds. 
  • Steps to create Extjs profile :
  • After profile creation, restart eclipse and open javascript files in spket editor. 
  • Spket doesn't allow to customize javascript profile in free license version, for example if you want to change default indentation levels, you need to move to licensed version of it. 

Once configuration is complete, restart your eclipse,
To install eclipse plugins :
Project home :

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