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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Extract column wise data from a text file

In general if you want to copy or cut data from a text file we can just drag it by mouse or we can use CTRL+C or CTRL+X. But this works only for row level. Some times we need to extract column wise. For example in an experiment we have text file in which we don't want some columns or if we copy some source code from internet it may consists of unwanted numbers line.

Method 1
  1. Open your text file in notepad++ (Or you can just drag and drop on to nodepad++) 
  2. Keep your cursor at the starting point of the column which ever you want to extract/cut hold ALT button and drag it.
  3. Copy/Cut the data and Paste it in a new file.
Method  2 
If you have Microsoft word, then copy your text and paste in MS-Word. Hold ALT + left key, drag and copy text. It is the easiest and simple technique.

Method 3
If you have eclipse, open file in eclipse and hold press Alt+Shift+A, then editor turns into block editor, now select empty block that you want to delete and delete it.

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