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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Installation of Eclipse Plugins

Valid eclipse plugin will have two folders features and plugins. There are several ways to install plugins in eclipse.

  • Method 1 : Using eclipse UI 
Go to Help menu, click on Install New Software...

Click on Archive and select plugin file(zip file), it loads and shows the files to be installed. Select them and click on next -> Finish. (If you have url instead of zip file, you can paste URL in the below screen instead of clicking archive).

  • Method 2 
You can also install eclipse plugins manually. Unzip plugin zip file and paste them in eclipse installed folder in which eclipse has two folders features and plugins. It asks for confirmation to override these two folders, click on ok and restart the eclipse. 
  • Method 3 
Unzip your files in a folder and copy them in dropins folder(It will be there in eclipse installation folder). You can keep your files in any folder inside dropins folder, eclipse automatically detects them.  

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