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Saturday, May 3, 2014

JSON - XML formatter

devutilsonline is a free online tool to format, transform, validate and generate data for XSD, XML, HTML, XML, SQL, HTTP, BASE64 filetypes. It has a simple UI with multiple options in each of these categories. For example if you want to generate XSD from XML, you can select one of the design types from Russian Doll Design/Venetian Blind Design/Salami Slice Design  along  with other styling properties.


JSON Formatter

  • Above link also allows us to format JSON, but sometimes we might want offline application in such a case you can use following add-on for chrome. This add-on has provision to format file also. It has a rich styling interface.

  • If you have nodepad++ and prefer to format in notepad++, then you can install following plugins in notepad++. for json and for xml

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